1. Calibration
We carry out calibrations according to the standards of the German Calibration Service for measuring anemometers between 0.1 m/s and 70 m/s in our internal wind tunnel.

In addition to this, we offer works calibrations for 
- volume flow between 20 m3 and 4000 m3
- temperatures between -40 °C and +150 °C
- relative humidity between 10% und 95% an
Upon request, these kinds of calibrations may also be carried out on our behalf as calibration in accordance with the standards of the DAkkS-Calibration Service.


2. Leasing of our Wind Tunnels
We lease our wind tunnels WK 825540-G/WK 818070-G and WK 880045 G for tests with measuring instruments, such as LDA (Laser-Doppler-Anemometer), differential pressure gauge, rotary table, traversing, etc.


3. Dimensions of Fluid-Dynamic Components
We are pleased to carry out contract measurements or to determine air velocities or volume flows of existing plants for you.


4. Internal and External Contract Measurements
Upon consultation with you, we carry out internal and external contract measurements. 
For this purpose, please have a look at the more precise details. 


5. Seminars
At your request and upon consultation with you, we organize seminars. For this purpose, please have a look at the more precise details.


6. Individual Consultation
We are pleased to offer you individual consulting with regard to our products and services. 
Please contact us.


7. Fluid Simulations


8. Dimensions and Designing of Wind Tunnels


9. Dimensions of Nozzles, Diffusors, Aerodynamic Corners and Volume Measuring Sections

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