Westenberg Engineering consists of the engineering office Westenberg Engineering and the manufacturing company Westenberg Wind Tunnels.

The company Westernberg Engineering was founded by Mr. John B. Westenberg, Graduate Engineer, in 1992.

For organizational reasons, the company Westenberg Wind Tunnels was founded in addition to this in 2008. 

The company Westenberg Engineering deals with engineering tasks and, additionally, it offers services dealing with the issue fluid and fluid measuring techniques. For these services the company can also make use of its own calibration laboratory accredited by the German Calibration Service.  

Based on our long-standing experience, we design and manufacture wind tunnels and offer services dealing with the issue fluid and fluid dynamics.  

It is due to our international sphere of activities that it is very easy for us to adapt to different conditions and new situations.

We are a competent partner in the framework of the development of new products and are continuously seeking out new challenges.

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