Measurement Technique

In the case of flow measurement a differentiation is made between the local speed detection and the fluid flow measurement in solid cross-sections (tubes, tunnels). In the case of fluid flow measurement there is, to a large extent, a differentiation made differentiated between volume-flow measurement and mass-flow measurement. If the velocity distribution in a tube is known, the flow rate can be deduced from the local velocity measurement. In the case of turbulent and pulsating flows, the temporal resolution and averaging has to be taken into consideration in addition to this.  
Many flow measuring devices are subject to retroactivity, because they influence the flow in their environment (counter pressure). Furthermore, pollution requires special consideration as many of the fluids to be measured are transporting foreign substances. In addition to this, changes in temperature, density or composition and the viscosity may influence the measuring process.

In the following you will find measuring instruments as well as related equipment for flow measurement, volume flow measurement, pressure measurement and measurement of temperature and humidity.

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