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Air-flow Measuring Instrument with New MC20 Display and Control Unit

MC20 with sensors (left to right) Micro, Mini, Mini-Steel, Macro, HygroAir20

Hand-held Measuring Instrument for Air-flow, Humidity and Temperature

The MiniAir®20 is a:

  • Vane anemometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Thermometer

and serves to measure flow velocity of gaseous and liquid media, relative humidity and temperature. It features high precision and robustness and is especially suitable for mobile and laboratory applications.

  • All MiniAir20 vane measuring sensors can be connected
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Very simple operation, handy keyboard
  • Easy to repair on site thanks to the snap-on head principle
  • Momentary value measurement
  • All three channels can be displayed simultaneously
  • Accuracy: +1.0 % f.e. +1.5% f.m. (for MiniAir20 Mini)
  • Interval measurement
  • Average, minimum and maximum values can be displayed simultaneously
  • Volume measurement (flow measurement)
  • Storage on microSD card
  • IR interface for on-site report printer
  • Battery operation, mains operation possible


Equipment set:

  • MiniController MC20 evaluation unit
  • Sensors for
    • Flow:
      • Micro (Ø 11?x?15?mm)
      • Mini (Ø 22?x?28?mm)
      • Macro (Ø 85?x?80?mm)
    • Humidity and temperature in two variants:
      • Measuring probe with handle and cable
      • Pluggable to housing

  • Carrying case
  • Telescopic rod
  • Power supply unit


hand measurement device for flow, humidity and temperature

- the hand measurement device MiniAir20 is used for the acquisition of flow velocity (propeller principle) such as gasiform and fluid media, acquisition of temperature, relative humidity and revolution
- it measures with a high precision. Its robustness is appropriate for a mobile or a laboratory use
- All the MiniAir20-sensor can be easily handled
- Automatic probe recognition
- Simple manipulation, handy keyboard
- Mean, minimum and maximum values per keystroke
- Free selectable measurement period from 2 s until 2 hours
- Analog Output 0 - 1 V
- Mini2Logger-Output
- Thanks to the handling head principle simple repairs are possible

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thermoelectric measuring instrument for air flow, humidity and temperature

- the portable measuring device ThermoAir3 is designed for low air flow, humidity and temperature measurement
- flow from 0.01 m/s
- automatic probe recognition
- simple operation
- mean, minimum and maximum values recallable
- free selectable measurement period from 2 s until 2 hours
- analog output 0 - 1 V
- Mini2Logger-output
- automatic temperature compensation
- 100% measuring tolerance warranty

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Low-Pressure manometer for pressure as well as the flow velocity of gaseous media

- For laboratory use
- For low-pressure measurement up to 2,000 Pa
- Analogue output, Mini2Logger and RS232 connections
- Integrated barometer module
- Duct cross-section input facility per keystroke (for l/min or m3/h)
- Flow calculation based on standard or variable density
- Measurement units with changeover facility
- Pressure: Pa, mbar, mmH2O
- Flow: m/s, l/min, m3/h
- Barometer: kPa, bar
- with humidity probe: % rF
- with themp. probe: ºC
- Mean (average), minimum and maximum values per keystroke
- Automatic temperature compensation of pressure sensor
- Connection facility for external humidity and temperature probe
- Thermocouples type E, J, K and T can be used in addition to NTC- and PT1000 - temperature probes
- Temperature, humidity and barometer readings available per keystroke

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Hand-Held Unit Flowtherm NT

Multifunctional hand-held unit with data logger for measuring flow rate, air velocity, temperature, pressure and other measurements

- for connection with vane wheel sensors FA: probes ZS, ZSR, FT, TS, TSR and measuring tubes FA Di
- for connection with vortex sensors VA: probes VA, VAT and measuring tubes VA Di
- for connection with thermal sensors TA: probes TA and measuring tubes TA Di
- for connection with temperature sensors Pt100 and other sensors
- measuring and display units: flow velocity v
, flow rate V/t
mass flow m/t[kg/h],
temperature t [°C][K]
- data logger for apporx. 5000 datasets, data transfer to PC via USB interface and PC software HLOG II
- analog output v, V/t, T: 0 ... 10 V

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Model PTE 1

Digital Precision Handheld calibrator


- Rigid ABS-housing
- 12 different engineering units
- Can hold 2 sensor modules and display any 2 readings simultaneously
- Measures mA and volts via on-board input jacks
- Leak and flow measurements
- Min/max value and trip detection
- RS-232 interface
- Extensive data logging function optional Accuracy: 0.025 %, 0.05 %, 0.1 %
- Metric Range Min: 0 ... 0.6 mbar
- Metric Range Max: 0 ... 700 bar
- Imperial Range Min: 0 ... 0.25 in. H2O
- Imperial Range Max: 0 ... 10,000 psi
- Field tested and proven reliable, the Heise® PTE-1 is the popular choice for portable pressure calibration around the world.

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