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Hand-Held Unit Flowtherm NT

Multifunctional hand-held unit with data logger for measuring flow rate, air velocity, temperature, pressure and other measurements


- for connection with vane wheel sensors FA: probes ZS, ZSR, FT, TS, TSR and measuring tubes FA Di
- for connection with vortex sensors VA: probes VA, VAT and measuring tubes VA Di
- for connection with thermal sensors TA: probes TA and measuring tubes TA Di
- for connection with temperature sensors Pt100 and other sensors
- measuring and display units: flow velocity v
, flow rate V/t
mass flow m/t[kg/h],
temperature t [°C][K]
- data logger for apporx. 5000 datasets, data transfer to PC via USB interface and PC software HLOG II
- analog output v, V/t, T: 0 ... 10 V

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Low-Pressure manometer for pressure as well as the flow velocity of gaseous media

- For laboratory use
- For low-pressure measurement up to 2,000 Pa
- Analogue output, Mini2Logger and RS232 connections
- Integrated barometer module
- Duct cross-section input facility per keystroke (for l/min or m3/h)
- Flow calculation based on standard or variable density
- Measurement units with changeover facility
- Pressure: Pa, mbar, mmH2O
- Flow: m/s, l/min, m3/h
- Barometer: kPa, bar
- with humidity probe: % rF
- with themp. probe: ºC
- Mean (average), minimum and maximum values per keystroke
- Automatic temperature compensation of pressure sensor
- Connection facility for external humidity and temperature probe
- Thermocouples type E, J, K and T can be used in addition to NTC- and PT1000 - temperature probes
- Temperature, humidity and barometer readings available per keystroke

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Low-Pressure manometer for measuring differential pressures in gaseous media

- the ManoAir100 displays with a high precision. Its robustness is appropriate for a mobile or a laboratory use
- with the digital hand-held micro-manometer ManoAir100, relative and differential pressure values of instrument air and inert gases up to 20 kPa can be measured accurately, simply and quickly
- Selectable units of measurement for pressure: Pa / kPa, mbar, mmH2O
- Display of rate of flow in m/s per keystroke
- Mean (average), minimum and maximum values per keystroke
- Automatic temperature compensation of the pressure sensor
- Analogue output and Mini2Logger connections as standard

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