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Flow Measurement System / FMS 490

Portable measurement system for volume flow. The System generates a controlled volume flow (mass flow). It can be used on suction side and on pressure side by replugging the hose to the corresponding connection.

Technical data


hose diameter

200 mm

hose length

3000 mm or 5000 mm

measurement range

40 l/s -- 490 l/s (2°C and 1013 mbar)

measurement of volume flow

differential pressure at venturi nozzle with 4 differential pressure sensors (25 Pa, 100 Pa, 400 Pa, 1600 Pa)

cabin pressure measurement

3 differential pressure sensors (+/-100 Pa, +/-400 Pa, +/- 1600 Pa)

connection of fan

230 V / 50 Hz

power input of fan

750 W

Dimensions (width  xheight x lenght)

930 mm x 1500 mm x 1000 mm





The appliance measures the pressure difference in a venture nozzle and calculates out of it the volume flow rate.

Characteristics of our Flow Measurement System:

- Determination of the volume flow rate without impact it.
- Measuring of the flow temperature, the ambient pressure and the rel. humidity of the air, to indicate the atmospheric density and the mass flow.
- Automatic average determination about a variable period from 10 to 90 seconds.
- Automatic readjust of the auxiliary  air blower
- Selectable measurement unit preselect ion ([l/s], [m3/s], [m3/min], [cfm], [g/s], [kg/min], [kg/h]) about the Display.
- Measurement rage from likely 2 l/s to 50 l/s without to change the nozzle.
- Internal measurement data memory of the last 10 records.
- Flexible measuring hose.
External display which is connected with the appliance about a cable.

Size (width, height, length):570 mm x 280 mm x 260 mm

Photos of our completed FMS in the measuring range of 2 l/s to 50 l/s:

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