Volume Flow Measurement

In May our mobile volume flow measuring instrument which is called Flow Measurement System will be ready.

The appliance measures the pressure difference in a venture nozzle and calculates out of it the volume flow rate.

Characteristics of our Flow Measurement System:

- Determination of the volume flow rate without impact it.
- Measuring of the flow temperature, the ambient pressure and the rel. humidity of the air, to indicate the atmospheric density and the mass flow.
- Automatic average determination about a variable period from 10 to 90 seconds.
- Automatic readjust of the auxiliary  air blower
- Selectable measurement unit preselect ion ([l/s], [m3/s], [m3/min], [cfm], [g/s], [kg/min], [kg/h]) about the Display.
- Measurement rage from likely 2 l/s to 50 l/s without to change the nozzle.
- Internal measurement data memory of the last 10 records.
- Flexible measuring hose.
External display which is connected with the appliance about a cable.

Size (width, height, length):570 mm x 280 mm x 260 mm

Volume Flow Test Bench

(Volume flow rate test bench to DIN 24.163)
Exemplary dimensioning (already existing plant)

Technical characteristics:
Chamber test bench
• Producing a controlled air-volume-flow of max. 4000 m3/h.
• Maximum pressure loss of the system (test station): ca. 1000 PA adjustable.
• volume-flow measurement: 40 m3/h - 4000 m3/h
Measurement is carried out by means of the differential-pressure suction nozzles calibrated by the German Metrological Institute (Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt) according to the standards of  Westenberg Engineering.
• Auxiliary blower: non-adjustable high-performance radial blower with backward curved shovels and a very stable characteristic curve.
• Power unit: three-phase motor,
infinitely adjustable by means of control electronics.
• Measuring equipment: Determination of the physical dimensions, such as:
temperature of the flowing air in the chamber and of the outside air,
atmospheric pressure, differential pressure (suction nozzle and chamber),
speed of the auxiliary blower, etc.
The regulation of the auxiliary blower is integrated in a case.
The indicators for differential pressures, temperature as well as atmospheric pressure are integrated in another case.
The measuring instruments are equipped with a readouts and are supplied through the power network (230 Volt ~50 Hz).
All measured items are determined with an accuracy of 0.5 % of the measuring end value.
The speed of the blower may also be adjusted by means of an manual analogue input at 0 to10 volts.

Air capacity test bench:
(Volume flow rate test bench to DIN 24.163)
Exemplary dimensions (already existing plant)

Technical data

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Volume Flow Test Bench

Fan test bench (corresponding to DIN EN ISO 5801)

The fan test bench is used to calibrate volume flow measuring devices. Furthermore it can be used to detect flow-restrictions of e.g. Filter, detect fan curves resp. system curves.

The test bench is fittet with a control software, which automatically provides the probe with the actual volume flow resp. mass flow.

Autmatically done is the choice of the correct inlet nozzle (3 pc.), the choice of the correct differential pressure sensor (4 pc.), to calculate the effective pressure at the inlet nozzle. This ensures the highest accuracy of any measurement. The individual inlet nozzles are closed by a pneumatically ball-valve which will be controlled by the software as well.


Technical Data of the Fan test bench:

  • Chamer testing stand with leaf damper
  • creation of a controlled air-volume-flow (max. 5000 m³/h)
  • max. pressure loss of the entire system: approx. 1300 Pa
  • volume flow measurement: 20 m³/h up to 5000 m³/h
  • auxiliary-fan: high-performance axial fan
  • drive train: three-phase motor, infinitely variable
  • Measured values:

capture of the following physically  state variables

  • volume flow and mass flow (different units)
  • temperature of the air in the chamber
  • ambient temperature
  • atmospheric pressure
  • chamber pressure
  • differential pressure (inlet nozzles and chamber)
  • density of the air


The control of the auxiliary fan is housed in a box. The test bench can be controlled manually by a potentiometer or using the control software. The software ensures to generate a requested volume flow free from any flow resistance. The accuracy of the volume flow is below 1 % of the measured value.