Eiffel-Type Wind Tunnels

The wind tunnel of the Eiffel-type has an open and no air recirculation. The blower is at the end of the tunnel in an outflow diffusor. In this procedure, the flow guidance happens by means of a smoothing chamber (with a rectifier and sieves) and a nozzle. This system is connected to a closed section of measurements. The closed section is indispensable as a consequence of the low pressure arising due the structure of the blower.

The main advantages of the Eiffel-type can be summarized as follows:

  • Flow disturbances caused by the rotor do not pass anymore through the wind tunnel together with the flow
  • Low costs

Due to the fact that the air is absorbed from the environment, measurements are always made under the currently existing ambient temperature.

All wind tunnels are designed and manufactured by us in accordance with the requirements of the individual customer specifications.

Choice of Eiffel-Type Wind Tunnels

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