Special Wind Tunnels

Apart from the traditional wind tunnels of the  ”types Eiffel and Göttingen“, we also manufacture air-pressure-tunnels of the „Göttingen-type“ with a closed section of measurements.
This kind of wind tunnels is regulated at a static pressure by means of an existing compressed air network. Air-pressure tunnels are operated by means of a single-stage pressure-resistant radial ventilator.
As the air warms during the friction on the tunnel walls, the air has to be cooled. This is regulated by means of an aerodynamic cooling battery (heat exchanger).  The cooling process is carried out fully-automatically. The temperature is continuously regulated to 20 degrees Celsius (either by means of tempering devices or by means of a connection with the existing cooling circuit). 

At the time of a sensor exchange, the sections of measurements can be released from the pressure and can be removed without any problems by means of two ball valves. During this process, the pressure inside the tunnel is maintained. 
As a reference for the velocity in the section of measurement and for the volume flow, a high-precision measuring turbine is used.

All compressed-air tunnels are manufactured customer-specifically and with the required pressure.

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